The Story

In the film’s opening scenes, Laurel Warner reflects on the impending birth of her first grandchild to Kimberly, her daughter and a single parent. Laurel is haunted by the long-term implications for Kimberly and for herself. She is troubled by Kimberly’s assertion: “That’s the way of life for most people now…” As Laurel drives to her law firm, interspersed with her special view of land and cityscape, she sees in the outside world and in her mind’s eye, agitating reminders of the crumbling family — stark contrast to her long marriage to her lawyer partner and husband, Buckley Warner. These preoccupations are a prelude to her upcoming meeting with another lawyer — David Merritt — whom she has been asked to defend in a devastating lawsuit involving adventurous sexuality.

As Laurel begins to prepare for the most significant case of her career — saving a man’s very existence — her own life is suddenly cut down, and she learns something about her closest friend that would tear them apart just at the time Laurel needs her most. As events unfold, the film deals with men’s inability to reveal their sexual alter ego to their wives and usually to society at large. It’s about women’s difficulty in coming to terms with the alienated men they have married, and having to face a society where family is being redefined and diminished. This is the story of a woman; it is the story for all women. It is about truth and trust, but ultimately — about triumph!